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From Fantasy Forests To Dystopian Cities!

The Gifted Series has been rebranded! It is now called The RITA Series and the first novel has been renamed RITA (formerly The Gift Stone). All three books now have new covers and new formatting. I love how they turned out! P.S. For those who have read The Gift Stone and know this series, please consider leaving a review under the second edition (now titled RITA), on Amazon or Goodreads. I really appreciate all those who have supported my career, read my novels, and come out to author events!

I had a lot of fun filming promotional material for The RITA Series over the May Long Weekend 🙂 We got some amazing photos! The locations were perfect and it was even snowing at one location, which was perfect for RITA, because it was also snowing in the novel when Rita and Takano Rynn came fact-to-face for the first time, on Rita’s home planet of Kahnju. Check out my Facebook page here for photos and videos of our time in BC getting all this footage!

Upcoming Novel Arranged Marriage to a K-Pop Idol! I’m so excited to tell you about my upcoming novel! So much so, in fact, that I even created a sign-up for SMS text updates! Available on my website 😀  You can click the button below to go to my website and sign up for text updates about Arranged Marriage launch dates and author events, as the publication date draws near. The book description is there as well, and a countdown clock I set up to countdown the days to the release of the novel hahaBianca Rowena WebsiteI also started a GoFundMe page 🙂 to fund the cost of this next novel, which will have a special hard cover edition, character design art work, t-shirts, and more! My intention was to offer incentives for donations (a limited edition, hard cover copy of Arranged Marriage, with additional art and deleted scenes) but I found out that GoFundMe doesn’t allow incentives! So I will set up an Indiegogo account soon, which will allow every contributor (who selects the limited edition book, funding option) to get a special edition hard cover copy before the book launch date! There will also be funding levels to receive character artwork signed by the artist, t-shirts and more. I will send out an email as soon as my Indiegogo fundraiser is set up. I can’t wait! If you sign up for text notifications on my website, I will send out a text when the fundraiser is up and running ❤

The above image is a fun promotional image for my upcoming Young Adult Dystopian Novel (not the official book cover). I will have an official cover reveal this fall, as well as character sketches and special art designed by Character Designer and Artist Uzichu who also designed my RITA Series book covers! You are definitely welcome to give any amount on GoFundMe to help me fund this novel (the donate button can be found on my website), though it won’t give you any perks. (Stay Tuned for perk options next month!). The one incentive I was able to offer through GoFundMe is giving contributors the option to join our exclusive, Discord server for Y.A. readers and K-Pop fans who are anticipating the release of Arranged Marriage! This will be a community group chat for all things K-Pop 😀 The info for that chat will be sent out after a gift is given. Thanks again to everyone who has supported my author journey ❤ Please check out The RITA Series, especially if you haven’t read the Gifted Series before. You can now get the books with new covers! Happy Reading Everyone! Bianca

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