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A Fort Steele Christmas

Can a city girl and social media addict unplug and find love in an abandoned Heritage Town? 


When Eden gets snowed in at Fort Steele, a heritage site in the Canadian mountains, she befriends the only other person on the premises; Travis the groundskeeper (and his beloved Golden Retriever, Casper). Will Eden’s travel blog save the struggling tourist attraction and Travis’ home, or will she make a mistake that closes its gates forever?


The Rise of Rynn


Previous to his reign as the mighty Takano Rynn, Bryn was a student at the Academy for the new Ruling Order, under the dark Master, Dukath.


But can Bryn conquer his emotions and commit to the Master's Rule of No Attachments? Or will the bond he forms with the little girl Rue keep him from becoming the ruthless Dark Lord he's destined to become?



Takano Rynn

Rita is destined to save the universe and Takano
is desperate to find her. Only together, can they defeat Master Dukath, the ruthless leader of the Ruling Order, before it's too late.

Join Takano, Parrin and Beeps in their quest to find Rita and protect the universe from the evil Master Dukath, in book two of the Rita Trilogy.

When her Village is threatened by the evil Takano Rynn, leader of the Ruling Order, Rita defeats him in battle and believes him to be dead.
She leaves her temple life behind to join the masses of Central City, where she befriends members of the Opposition including Parrin, Star and the little robot Beeps.

But is Takano Rynn really dead? Or will he return for his revenge?
The Virgin Diaries

Her Greatest Fear is Her Strongest Desire

Twenty-nine year old Abby has never had sex and life is passing her by. She’s determined to start living her adult life, marriage, a house, kids; but first she must start with the scariest thing of all, losing her virginity.


When her boyfriend Ben proves to be the wrong one for her she leaves on a road trip and falls for a charming boy named Jade, who is considerably younger than her.


Hamster Heaven

It's 1995 and 13 year old Kati doesn't really fit in at school. She's always kept to herself, not needing anyone but her beloved Hamster Sam, that is, until she becomes friends with David who is also from an immigrant family like she is. He's everything she always wanted in a friend.


David has had a crush on Kati for as long as he can remember. When she begins to notice him and hang out with him it’s like a dream come true! But David isn’t the only one noticing her. Will Kati’s sudden change in popularity ruin her and David’s new found friendship?

Boy Charming


Alanna is an introvert who loves to daydream. Her best friend, and online crush, is a boy that she's never met... but he may be closer than she realizes...

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