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A Fort Steele Christmas Book Release!

I started writing A Fort Steele Christmas in 2019, then things slowed down over the pandemic years, as it did for many people.

I was no longer doing any author events or attending writing conventions. I also wasn't writing a lot.

As businesses and events slowly opened up again, I found my inspiration to continue this journey of editing this Christmas novel and I'm now excited to announce that A Fort Steele Christmas is published and Available in paperback and ebook formats!

One of the fun parts of having a new book release is coming up with creative ways to advertise it! I've done the reels and Instagram posts, but something I thought would be fun, was to share the original footage of when I stayed at Fort Steele heritage town overnight, off-season, at their newly renovated Windsor Hotel in 2019! That trip inspired the entire novel!

My sister and I stopped to Fort Steele last year in the cold of winter, for me to 'take some footage' of the town for future posts, once the novel was finished. At that time, the Fort Steele gift shop (pictured below) was still in existence. A few months later there was a fire and it burned down!

So now, when you read about Eden and her BFF Macy having lunch at the gift shop café, you won't be able to visit the real location anymore, if you go to Fort Steele :( But you can definitely visit the town and the Windsor Hotel! In fact, you can stay the night there! I am definitely going to be visiting the heritage town again soon.

Here's my fun video of the inspiration behind the novel, 'A Fort Steele Christmas' ♥ Enjoy! Follow me on Facebook to get up-to-date news on upcoming events, the book launch and other fun updates! I am hoping to announce a book launch event soon.

I will be at Word On The Street this year, in Lethbridge, on Sept. 23, 2023 at the River Bottom Writers booth, with other amazing local authors. Please stop by to say hi!

The event will be held at the Lethbridge Public Library Main Branch:

810, 5 Ave. South, Lethbridge


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