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A New Year’s Letter

Happy New Year!

I was planning to write a blog post for New Year’s about New Year’s Resolutions and all the excitement of making plans for 2016 (and putting them into motion for reaching our goals and accomplishing our dreams), but I think the best way to encourage all you artists out there is to post this letter I wrote to my friend in Taiwan whom I met at the London Screenwriter’s Festival 2015. She has the same hopes and dreams as me and what we took from the Festival was that our dreams are truly in our hands.


Dear new friend,

In Canada we make wishes on the seeds of Dandelion flowers and then blow them into the wind, to send out our dreams in hopes they will come true. One thing I’ve learned is that wishing and hoping don’t make dreams come true.

I am sending you a necklace. Inside of it are the seeds of a flower. They represent your hopes and dreams and wishes. Only, they are no longer floating around in the world, hoping for someone else to discover and make them come true. They’ve been captured in this necklace so that you can make them come true yourself. The wishes are in your hands! Not in someone else’s. You will make them come true, with hard work, and friendships, patience, dedication, perseverance, faith in yourself and your abilities, as well as trust in God for your health and safety.

2015-12-30 11.46.12

Keep this necklace until your first screenwriters Award you receive, then wear it to the Awards Ceremony when you go on stage to get your award. And I will do the same! I have the same necklace and the same dreams. And now we have them in our hands and in our power!

I will encourage you to keep going! You have the talent and the skill. I’m so glad to have met you in London. We will see each other again at the premiers of our films some day.

With love,



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