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New Blog! And a new wattpad novel launching in 4 days!


Welcome everyone to my new blog! Every author seems to have a blog these days ^_^ so I finally got around to making one for myself 😀 yay blogs! I’m excited to share with you all about my upcoming book releases and new stories, like HAMSTER HEAVEN!! which is my latest teen novel that I will be posting on wattpad, a few chapters at a time each week, starting THIS WEEKEND 😀 on my new Wattpad site,  (there aren’t any novels on there as of yet but If you follow my new page you will get updates every time I post chapters). Oooo, I can see why author’s like blog posts, I can write everything I want to say and not have to make it short and sweet ^_^  lovely! For those following my BiancaWatson wattpad site I apologize for all the notifications you’re getting when I update my romance novel The Virgin Diaries. If there’s a way to turn off the notifications to my followers, I haven’t discovered it yet. The reason for all these updates is that I am editing / revision all the chapters, one at a time, before I release The Virgin Diaries as an ebook and a Print On Demand book with Amazon, which is VERY EXCITING for me. As soon as I have actual books to hold I will be doing book give-a-ways for readers and those who like holding a real live book will get a chance to purchase one! Hamster Heaven will also be made into an ebook and a Print On Demand book to be sold via Amazon (my ebooks will only be $1), so stay tuned for that! Oh and I will also mention my facebook page,  for those who like to get updates, info and show their support for the authors/movies/music via facebook. Thanks everyone and have a great day!


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