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Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous! What does success mean to you?


My novel has reached #63 in the ChickLit category on Wattpad!! I’ve been thinking about what I want and what success means to me. Even if I fulfill my dream of becoming a New York Times Bestselling Author I’ll still drive my daughter to school every morning. I’ll still have to do dishes and be tired at the end of the day. So why do I want fame and fortune?

Well, I want fame so that more people will read my novels and enjoy them. Whenever someone comments on Wattpad that they really enjoyed my novel it makes me so happy! That’s why I write, to entertain. And entertainment is REALLY important. We can’t just live our lives going to work and coming home and going to sleep. Even without the media we’d want to ‘tell stories’ or go to a play or create art and write poetry or listen to music or sing. I mean, entertainment makes life worth living right? Sometimes my whole week is made better because I know I’m going to see my favourite band in concert on the weekend. Or my Tuesday at work is a lot more tolerable because I know I’m going to see a movie that night with friends. I want to create one of these entertainment things that make people’s lives better. I want to give people something that makes them forget about their problems for a few hours and makes them realize that life isn’t just about their own small world/problems but about so much more.

As for the fortune part. I really just wanna get out of debt and also give some money to places that need it. And as a writer, I sure would love to not have a day job but be a full time author instead! I don’t even want a bigger house or a different car as long as I can pay for the repairs on my current one. I just want to be part of the entertainment world and to focus more time on my writing by not having to have a day job 😛

What do you do it for? All the time and effort you put into your art? What does success mean to you? When do you think you’ll reach it?

I think I’ve reached my own success in my own little world, and am always reaching a higher level of success as long as I keep on going 🙂

Happy Writings Everyone

P.S. My novel The Virgin Diaries can be found here on Wattpad 🙂


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