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Launching my latest teen fiction novel today!


Today is an exciting day! I’m launching my newest teen fiction novel, Hamster Heaven, on wattpad, available to read for free! The first five chapters are up and ready, and I will be uploading new chapters every Saturday until the entire novel is posted ^_^


Kati has never really fit in at school and always kept to herself, not needing anyone but her beloved Hamster Sam, that is, until she becomes friends with David. He is everything she always hoped for in a friend.

David has had a crush on Kati for as long as he can remember. When she begins to notice him and hang out with him it’s like a dream come true! But David isn’t the only one noticing her.

Will Kati’s sudden change in popularity ruin her and David’s new found friendship?

Find out by following this novel on wattpad,

Here is an excerpt from chapter one 🙂  (below)



There’s a place called Transylvania, where vampires live with their bloodsucking vampire families. At least that’s what everyone in my class says. They say it’s not even a real place, just made-up in stories. But it has to be real, because that’s where I was born. I don’t remember it of course, my birth that is, or the place itself. So maybe it is made-up, a place that only exists in horror movies. Maybe my parents heard it mentioned on a movie they were watching while on the plane ride here to Canada, when I was five years old. Now we live here in this big, free country called Canada. Except I’m not free. I have to go to school.

“You’re lucky you don’t go to school,” I say to Sam, my little hamster, in perfect English. I don’t have an accent anymore, like my parents still do. I’m 100% Canadian now. And so is Sam. He was born at the pet shop downtown, the only pet shop in town, and he’s my best friend.

I watch as Sam stuffs his cheeks with the sunflower seeds I hid in his cage for him to find. Even though I got up early to go to school I’m already running late. I don’t want to go back today. I wish the Christmas holiday never ended. But it did. Mom and Dad already left for work so it’s up to me to get myself to the bus stop. I grab my brush, quickly running it through my long, red hair. There’s no time to braid it, like I usually do for school. I wasted the entire morning playing with Sam and now I have to hurry. Glancing one last time in my dresser mirror, at my pink sweater and jeans, I return to Sam’s cage.

“Bye Sam.” I stick my finger between the bars of Sam’s cage, hoping for some kind of good luck high five from his little paws, but all I get is a twitch of his whiskers.



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