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Did you know? Amazon has Several Publishing Options. Not just KDP.

Great post about publishing with Amazon

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There are at least a half dozen different ways to publish a book with Amazon.

Most people think of Kindle Direct Publishing, but that’s just one of many options:

  1. Amazon has multiple imprints, such as 47 North. However, like most major traditional publishers, Amazon Publishing does not accept unsolicited manuscript submissions.

  2. Another way to publish with Amazon as your “publisher” is through the new Kindle Scout program. This option is based on reader voting, not solely on an editor’s decision.

  3. For those who would like to write fan fiction, there is Kindle Worlds.

  4. Kindle Singles is a competitive publishing option for certain kinds of shorter Kindle e-books.

  5. Anyone can self-publish with Amazon using Kindle Direct Publishing.

  6. You can also self-publish a paperback book with Amazon using CreateSpace.

  7. The Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX) lets you publish an audiobook that will be available through Amazon.


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