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When I first watched the new Star Wars movie The Force Awakens in theaters, it was my first time ever watching a Star Wars movie. I didn’t grow up as a fan but I had friends that were interested in seeing the movie when it came out. I never thought I’d become so excited about it! Adam Driver’s portrayal of Kylo Ren sparked my imagination and I suddenly got swept up in the Fandom online. So many people were ‘shipping’ Kylo Ren and Rey at the time that I caught the Reylo (Rey and Kylo) fever too!

There was no doubt how I wanted the next movie to play out but since I knew there was also no guarantee it would be anywhere close to what I envisioned I decided to write my own version of the sequel. It started out purely for fun and soon consumed my life for a month and a half. In that time I wrote/edited/published 3-4 chapters daily, 6 days a week, and completed (and posted online) a 75,000 word novel on Wattpad in less than two months! My fans kept me going, waiting for my daily updates. Some wanted to read the moment I posted and would stay up until late at night or wake up at 5am to read (I posted in the evenings here, but most of my readers were from overseas and in different time zones).

Connecting with the fans was an amazing experience, and writing daily for them was a thrill! Even now I get daily comments and views on my fan fiction novel from new readers and the updates come to my cell phone. I love reading the comments. When my fan fiction hit over 50,000 views I celebrated. It was the most views I had ever had on Wattpad. Now it has hit over 117,000 views and growing!

Below are some of my earlier comments from my original readers following the drama as it unfolded daily in my mind.

As the comments rolled in I couldn’t keep track of them all. Just yesterday I discovered one that I hadn’t seen before and it made me smile, it said something similar to: “I don’t want to read the next chapter, because then I’ll only have 3 chapters left and I don’t want the story to ever end!”

That made me so happy!

I haven’t made any money on this novel and can’t publish it as a Star Wars novel (I’ve looked into the possibilities and it’s quite impossible), but it has definitely been my most rewarding written work so far in my writing career.

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Read Count 117K  😀



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