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A Wattpad Goodbye... (starting a new chapter in my writing career)

Today was I had to do something very difficult! I had to remove The Virgin Diaries from my list of novels available to read for free on wattpad. It reached 40,500 views and made it's way up to #40 in the ChickLit category!

I was sad to remove it, but it is no longer a free-to-read novel, but rather, a published one!

I'm so grateful to all the wattpad readers who have supported me and liked chapters on my site and left encouraging comments. I love hearing straight from the readers themselves.

And I'd still like to hear straight from the readers! I now have a Goodreads Author account and The Virgin Diaries is officially on Goodreads! You can leave comments and I am also on the "Ask The Author" program on Goodreads too :)

Although I was sad to be remove my novel from Wattpad, I'm excited at the same time to be entering a new chapter of my writing career, one where I can offer my book in paperback format for those who still enjoy holding a book in their hands, in real life, and also ebook format for those who use the sleek Kindles and KOBOs that are out there!

I will also be doing give-a-ways and attending book readings, signings and book fairs! There's so much fun stuff to do when you're an author.

In fact, I will be in Edmonton on Sept. 26th at the Words In The Park event! Please come out and join me. There will be a lovely door prize at my table ;) including a free signed copy of the book. I will also be available to sign your Virgin Diaries book if you bring it with you or if you buy one at the table!

So if you are in the Edmonton area come out and say hello! I would love to meet you :)

And THIS WEEKEND I will be attending Word On The Street in Lethbridge, Alberta where I will be mingling with fellow writers at the River Bottom Writers table. So please come and say hello to us!

A lot of exciting things going on these next few months!

Happy writings everyone :)

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