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Loglines and Taglines

TV Series and Serials

(formerly Manasseh)
Pilot complete

TV Series/ Teen Drama

Karen’s desire to find her biological family ends in a car accident which gives her twin sister Nicole a chance to make a switch after she realizes Karen has amnesia. Karen suddenly finds herself in a dangerous life she doesn’t even remember, and Nicole is granted a lavish one of money and luxury. But sometimes it isn’t one's life situation that determines their path, but rather who they are on the inside.

of a Dog Walker

Pilot Complete

TV Serial/ Drama/ Mystery


It’s 1996 and 15-year-old video game addict Caleb has his gaming system taken away over summer break so he can ‘go outside’ instead. Forced to walk his mom’s temperamental chihuahua, he inadvertently befriends Jane, an awkward, homeschooled girl with an alcoholic father, and the young new school teacher, Amy, running from her abusive ex. 


But when the neighbourhood dogs start to go missing and deaths increase in town, these unlikely friends band together to find out what’s going on. As they lose their dogs, one by one, will they be able to prove the government conspiracy linked to the research facility on the outskirts of town? Or will they lose their canine best friends forever?


Tagline: When the neighbourhood dogs begin disappearing, Caleb teams up with unlikely neighbourhood dog owners to investigate the disappearances.

The Boy Online

Pilot mostly complete


TV Serial/ Drama/ 90's/ Suspense

It’s 1999 and MSN Messenger is the one thing keeping 13-year-old Charlotte happy in a life of poverty and neglect while living with a catatonically depressed mother. When her mother disappears and Charlotte becomes homeless, she determines to hide it from the school and turns to her online chat friend, DC, for help. But is DC really a high school student from another town, or is he a 27-year-old drug dealer and predator who will take advantage of Charlotte’s situation?


Constable Rundt is under scrutiny for firing shots during a drug bust years ago that killed a man. He discovers the man’s younger brother is grooming a local tween girl and must decide whether to keep the girl’s trust and take her into his home without reporting it, or turn her in to the social services and the foster care system.


Tagline: In 1999, anyone could be on the other end of the computer screen on the new MSN Messenger app. But will 13-year-old Charlotte’s on-line friend turn out to be who he says he is, or will she get into a situation she can’t find her way out of?

Shadows of You

WIP - pilot outline

TV Serial/ Psychological Drama

Abandoned by her husband for another woman, Ella strives to reconnect with him after he surprises her with a divorce. Despite having shared custody of their teenaged daughter, Ella is unable to see him in real life no matter how hard she tries and becomes paranoid that he isn’t even alive - only existing in short texts. Yet the one thing she cannot face is seeing him together with the other woman. She can't bring herself to enter his new home and slowly begins to question not only his existence but her own sanity.

The Musician in the Window

pilot mostly complete

TV Serial/ Psychological Drama Spoof

After the trauma of being on a cruise ship lockdown during the COVID outbreak, famous jazz musician Walter has become a shut-in with a mortal fear of crossing the street. Addicted to hot chocolate, taking anti-psychotic medication and forced to attend self-help anonymous meetings online, Walter spends his time spying on the neighbours through his window, until one fateful day he discovers that the infamous Beatrice Lorenda, Speakeasy icon, is moving in across the street. 

After years of being away from the music scene Walter has to face his fears (and get a cat) to collaborate with Beatrice herself on a new song. But will his addictions and fear of crossing the road overtake him? And is Beatrice hiding a dark secret of her own?

Feature Length Screenplays

Sinkhole Sharks

Feature half complete

Feature Length Film/ Action Adventure

In a world where giant prehistoric dinosaur sharks are creating massive sinkholes that sink entire buildings and cities, a recovering addict and geography professor, along with his nerdy research assistant, punk teenage daughter and sexy shark specialist must find a way to save New York, before the city collapses into the largest sink-hole yet.


Feature complete

Feature Length Film/ Sci-Fi Futuristic Dystopian AI Drama (Also written as a novel - not yet published)


In the future, humans will soon need android bodies to survive in their polluted environment. Top researcher Gordon Hertzog is on the brink of successfully finishing his human brain transplant cyborg project when the threat of a take-over by the androids, led by the Droid Mainframe AI, causes a mandatory self-destruct of the Droid City. Will Gordon’s son, Jesse, be able to save the Emodroids (droids with emotionally advanced AI) who are not only the hope of mankind’s survival, but also conscious beings? Or will they all amalgamate to the Droid Mainframe and be lost forever, including Marian, the droid he is in love with?

Hamster Heaven

Feature complete

Feature Length Film/ Tween Drama (Also written as a novel - not yet published)

The only friend Kati has ever needed was her beloved hamster, until David the shy, Jewish boy, begins to show interest in her. She soon discovers the joy of having real-life friends and a real life crush. But when her drink is spiked at a popular girl’s birthday party, Kati loses her first kiss and the photos from that night are spread around the school.


Too embarrassed to face the conservative David, she embraces the popular girl life instead and leaves both him and her relationship with God behind, believing she isn’t worthy of either. When her beloved hamster dies of neglect, Kati cannot forgive herself and she turns to her faith again, in search of forgiveness and reconnecting to her authentic self.

The Virgin Diaries

Feature complete

Feature Length Film/ Contemporary Romantic Drama (Also a published novel)

Socially anxious Abby is turning thirty and still hasn't had sex. She wants to start living her adult life; marriage, kids, career, but first she must start with the scariest thing of all, losing her virginity.

Abby's fears and controlling mother have kept her from growing up. But when she runs away on a journey of self discovery she meets Jade, a much younger guy, and she falls in love, jeopardizing her engagement to Ben who controls the fate of her father's company.

Arranged Marriage to A K-Pop Idol

Novel 90% complete
Can be adapted to screenplay

Feature Length Film/ Futuristic Dystopian K-Pop Teen Drama (Currently in Novel format)

Tagline: He who controls the media, controls the world.



17-year-old entertainment columnist, AnAn, never wants to get married. The only problem is, it’s the law. When she is Arranged to K-Pop Idol Jeong, who is hiding from his past life, AnAn must help him stop the Korean Government from using the upcoming K-Pop concert to brainwash the fans in the West into voting him in as the One World Government leader. Will AnAn be able to protect Joeng or will she lose the first love of her life and find herself in a world run by the One World Nation?

In a world where a young woman only has two choices, marry by age 17 or be drafted into the army, AnAn finds herself in an arranged marriage to K-Pop Idol Jeong, running from the paparazzi and his Government. Will Jeong and AnAn stop the One World Nation’s plot to use K-pop concerts and fans to win the world election, or will Jeong be pulled back into the K-pop world and AnAn lose her first love?

Moonlight Shadow

Novel complete 
in revisions

Can be adapted to

Feature Length Film/ Futuristic Dystopian Teen Drama (Currently in Novel format)

Ayza, the daughter of Earth’s world leader, is the only hope for saving the dying Alien race exiled on Moonlight shadow (a man-made planet orbiting the Moon). When she is kidnapped and brought to Moonlight Shadow, the humanoid aliens insist she have a baby with their prophesied future leader, Daryl, to create a child that will have the antibodies that can reverse the effects of the Virus causing mass infertility among their race.

But will Ayza find a way to escape this fate or will she cooperate with their mission to save Daryl’s entire alien race?

Heritage Town Christmas

Novel complete 
Can be adapted to

Feature Length Contemporary Romance - Local - Fort Steele BC (Completed Novel, to publish this Christmas)

When Eden, a travel blogger and social media addict, gets snowed in at the Heritage Town of Fort Steele

over Christmas, she befriends the only other person on the premises, Travis the groundskeeper (and his beloved Golden Retriever, Casper). But will Eden’s travel blog article save the struggling tourist attraction,

or will she make a mistake that closes its doors forever?

Tagline: Can a city girl and social media addict, unplug and find love in an abandoned Heritage Town over

the Christmas holidays? Or will she end up inadvertently closing its doors forever? 

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